Counselling. Adults who experience childhood trauma or neglect often find the impact can last into adulthood. Counselling that provides strategies to cope with depression, anxiety, grief, and relationships, and exploring the particular incidents that may remain in their minds, can be beneficial.

Not everyone who experiences depression and anxiety of course has experienced issues from childhood, but sound psychological strategies to deal with these conditions, which can sometimes be debilitating, can assist regardless of someone’s life circumstances.

The emotional impact of being a carer of a person with a disability can be substantial, and carers often find there is benefit from being able to explore their issues and find strategies to help them cope.

Diane also has an interest in working with people who have fibromyalgia, including the treatment of persistent pain.

Diane also provides work-related services such as brief focused counselling under Employee Assistance Programs, support after critical incidents, and rehabilitation and return to work counselling.

Assessments. Diane’s use of relevant assessment tools can assist clients in more comprehensively understanding and monitoring their experiences and progress. Supporting clients, including undertaking assessments, who may manifest issues which commenced in childhood, such as attentional issues or features of autism, can be provided. When a client is accessing counselling services from Diane, and they have been a victim of a criminal act, Diane can complete the necessary report for the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT).